Neural net meets elegance and fun

CopyPro’s neural net was designed to learn from you. Our intuitive interface effortlessly guides you through the process of customizing the select information fields we know are the most important when it comes to engaging and selling.

You can even create multiple entries so our neural net can learn and adapt to different ways of saying the same thing. For example, if your primary goal is to help your customer lose weight, you can enter “lose weight”, “burn fat”, and “shed unwanted pounds.” CopyPro will now be able to use all of these entries, often in one piece, to give your copy or content a more personalized touch.

Along with our very human team of professional writers, CopyPro will help you create your entire marketing niche in the background as you go. That means you only have to enter specific data once. After that, CopyPro will pull that data into any future copy or content pieces you purchase.