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A new and better revenue model

Think of CopyPro as the ultimate customer. Our software and service allows you to write within your preferred niche or medium, with customers paying for your work after it is completed. Gone are the days when you had to hunt for new customers, or being forced to write for picky clients who wanted to edit your style or censor your creativity.

CopyPro’s AI-driven neural net features CopyBlock™ Technology. This allows you to take your existing copywriting or article content and syndicate it for use by multiple customers across multiple niches.

Syndicated content leverages more of our CopyBlock Technology, taking specific sentences you create and allowing you to easily create variations that can be assembled together by our neural net. Then, combined with data the customer enters, CopyPro can leverage your copy hundreds, even thousands of times, with each time being unique to the customer – and you get paid for each and every use.

You can also choose to create single-use Premium content, specific to one topic, niche, or area of expertise. It’s completely up to you.

Our Certification process also shows you how to use CopyPro’s Dynamic Blueprints™ to make your writing process that much easier and faster. These are proven copywriting and content formulas, created by some of the top writers in the industry, available for use with a few clicks of your mouse. You can create your own Blueprints (Silver and Gold members only) or start from a blank template and write in your own style.