Turn your love of
words into cash.

CopyPro is a marketing platform designed to connect you and other copywriters and
content authors to marketers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

A new and better revenue model

The words needed by our customers are words you can get paid for in advance, as well as time and time again, all for the same copy project.

Get paid in ‘Real Time’

CopyPro’s Real Time Revenue™ allows you to convert your Copy Credits, earned the moment your materials are used, and convert them on the spot to currency. Gone are the days of chasing payment or worrying about residuals.

Blockchain delivers more revenue and security

CopyPro leverages the trust economics of Blockchain and Smart Contracts to ensure our Contributors are paid on time, every time. You focus on writing. Let us take care of the rest.

Earn up to 90% commission

Depending on the level of CopyPro certification you choose you can earn up to 90% of the sale price of any piece of copy or content you create. Sweet.

How it works


Get certified through CopyPro Academy. The higher the level of certification you choose, the greater your commissions.
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Submit as many copywriting or content pieces you desire. Our (very human) team of Quality Control experts will approve your submissions and activate them in our marketplace.
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Sit back and get paid!
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When it comes to copywriting and content authoring, we turn words into windfalls.