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Get paid in ‘Real Time’

Real Time Revenue™ (RTR) is the new paradigm of compensation for contributors. It eliminates the need for “chasing the check” – getting that first or second payment on time or receiving your royalty payments in due order.

Copy Credits are simply the currency used within CopyPro. Customers purchase Copy Credits, then exchange them for whatever copywriting or content they desire. These Copy Credits are then transferred within seconds to the Contributors.

Convert your Copy Credits into currency at any time. Each Copy Credit is worth $1 USD at the point of transaction.

You can optionally convert Copy Credits to WORD Tokens, CopyPro’s traded cryptocurrency. As WORD rises in value, you can see even more profits for the same work produced. This allows you to invest in crypto with copy. The decision is always yours, and you can take your payments any way you desire.

CopyPro removes these concerns from the writer-customer equation, allowing you to get paid instantly. The moment your content is accessed, you get paid.