We’ll Pay You Up To 30% Residuals On
Your Future And Existing Copywriting

I’ll Reveal How You Can Syndicate Your Copy And Get Paid Over And Over Again With “Inbox Money” AND Outsmart Copywriting A.I. Platforms That Are Coming For Your Job

Dear Fellow CopyPro,

I want to show you a way you can earn up to 30% on your copywriting residuals.

Not just the copy you will write.

The copy you’ve already written.

Plus I’d like to help make you A.I.-Proof:

Immune to the clear and present danger of the surge in artificial intelligence that’s taking copywriting jobs away left and right.

This isn’t some “one day in the scary future” thing.

This is happening right now…right under your nose.

I’m Jon Benson. If you’re a copywriter, you know my name. I invented the VSL, wrote 19 of the top-selling fitness and wellness offers, and created the first A-list quality “smart software” for copywriters.

And my students have earned billions of dollars from the copy they’ve written. Few people can make that claim.

That said, and just to be clear…

I’m Not Selling A How-To Book Or Your Typical “Guru Course”… I’m Looking for 25 Gunslingers Who Are Ready To Conquer The New Wild West

If you haven’t written copy and sold it, this letter isn’t for you. 

Even if you have, you may not qualify for what I’m offering you today. Just read this letter thoroughly, word-by-word, to make sure this is a fit for the both of us.

Let’s assume it is, and you’re reading this sentence (carefully)…

Were you alive when the Internet was born?

I was. 

And I was a part of the “Wild West” phase of Internet marketing. Penny clicks. Earning 1000% on day one. The world before one-click upsells on Clickbank. 

My first bestseller was “Fit Over 40”, published in 2004. I had a list of over 35,000 customers and potential buyers in less than a week. We hit 1007 on Alexa during the launch — that means my website was the 1007th most visited on the entire Internet.

Good luck with that today. 

That Wild West was tamed by the likes of Google and Facebook. Multi-billion dollar companies eventually took control over what we as copywriters could say and what entrepreneurs could market.

Much of this is a good thing. There was plenty of crap being sold as nuggets of gold. There still is today, but that initial gold rush is long gone.

However, there’s a new Wild West on the horizon.

This Wild West is one of my own creation…and it will take copywriters like you to tame it, lay your claim, and cash in.

Welcome to the birth of…

“Dynamically Syndicated Copy”

Sell Your Words Over And Over Again To Hundreds
Of Different Businesses And Customers
And Get Paid Every Single Time

For the past several years, I’ve developed a tool and an entire language that works hand-in-hand with the technology of A.I. 

This tool has allowed me to sell, with permission, the almost word-for-word copywriting works of guys like Todd Brown, Ryan Deiss, Agora Publishing, Dean Jackson, Ben Adkins, Jason Fladlien, and dozens of others…

…and of course, myself.

This system and software break apart the structure of email campaigns, opt-in pages, full-length sales letters, even hour-long webinar presentations…

…creating a “dynamic template” if you will.

One that can be rewritten by our software and nascent AI and sold to virtually any business in any niche, regardless of the original niche of the copy.

We call this Dynamic Syndication. 

Now, as a copywriter, this technology will evoke one of two feelings within you:

Utter fear, knowing your days of writing copy from a traditional outlook are numbered on a few hands at best…

…or near-giddy excitement, seeing the MASSIVE opportunity you as a copywriter would have IF…

You Get Paid Every Time A Customer
Clicks “Download”…Even If It’s Hundreds
Of Times A Day

CopyPro.ai has been around for several years. We have thousands of paying customers. And I used the exact model described to build this business.

What virtually no one but our private investors knows is that the CopyPro you see now was one massive beta test.

Oh, don’t get me wrong:

Compared to other apps like Funnel Scripts, Scriptdoll, and whatever other knockoffs you may see, CopyPro is like a Maserati in a world of Kias.

But it was never my big picture idea.

My gigantic why concerns copywriters like you.

I wanted to create a way for you and others like you to become “A.I.-Proof”.

A way to ENSURE you would not only keep working as a copywriter once AI takes over the industry…

…far better:

I Want You To Turn The Threat Of A.I. Into Your Slave And Make It Pay You For Your Hard Work For Years If Not Decades To Come

What I did with CopyPro II (debuting Quarter 1 2020) will be the realization of this goal:

An entire ecosystem of copywriters teamed with millions of customers needing copy that very day, with everyone coming out ahead.

Think of it this way:

About 20 years ago, if you wanted a photograph of a corporate meeting room with attractive executives for an annual report, you would contract a photographer. He or she would hire models, rent an office, and charge you about $20K for that photo.

I know. I used to own an ad agency before the birth of stock photography.

When the first stock photo site crept up, it was a joke. 

Then, slowly, it became no laughing matter for photographers.

Now? Today?

The only photographers making that kind of cash for that kind of photo are the very best of the very best…and even that is limited.

The rest are selling their work to online services like IStockPhoto.com or Shutterstock. Shutterstock pays them about 15-20% and sells their photos for them.

Now, picture that same model applied to copywriting.

You’d have tens of thousands of copywriters…

…all with different styles and skill sets…

…writing in thousands of different niches…

…and all selling their copy over and over again.

But unlike stock photography sites, CopyPro intelligently recreates copy.

The technology we created blends the customer’s voice and needs with the copy templates and profiles from pros like you.

They get copy for a fraction of the cost.

You get paid over and over and over again for writing copy ONCE. 

Everybody wins.


How Does A.I. Play Into This?

Look at the article below:
Persado is A.I. designed to improve the conversion rates of existing email campaigns and ads. 

And it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement, which is why only massive companies are able to use it.

And it relies on existing copy.

It isn’t writing copy on its own.


But it will.

And when it does, let me ask you a question:

How Would You Like To Get Paid
To Teach A.I. How To Write…
And Get Paid Every Time It Works?

The only way for A.I. to learn is to model existing copy.

That’s why I created what will become the world’s largest copy repository…

…with copy that is tested and proven to work (see those big names I mentioned above)…

…along with copy from copywriters like you that we accept and approve.

After all, we know good copy isn’t always written by the A-listers alone.

I know there are thousands of folks like YOU who may not be name-famous, but who can write their asses off and haven’t had a break.

Or maybe you’ve written a few killer campaigns and you want to learn how to repurpose those into Dynamic Syndication Templates so you can earn residuals and sell to hundreds of different niches.

Yes, you can do that. : )

That means you can outsmart A.I. and make it work FOR YOU.

All you have to do is know how to write for the CopyPro machine.

We’ll market your copy to the masses.

Eventually our community will become the go-to for all machine learning. (We even have plans to build our own integration with IBM Watson.)

But rather than KILL COPYWRITERS…

…this ecosystem can keep you employed and earning residuals at up to 30%…

…from hundreds, even thousands of different customers.


  • Never chase clients again
  • Never chase residual payments again (you’re credited that day and paid within 2 weeks)
  • Never write with clients hovering over you and editing your genius
  • Only write when you want to write
  • Leverage your existing copy assets (emails, letters, VSLs, ads, and more) so you get paid over and over for work you’ve already done
  • Get contracted work through our customer interface
  • Be at the TOP of the food chain – the first copywriters in the machine that will receive the greatest possible exposure
  • And get trained by me personally
Here’s how:

Limited “By Application Only” Enrollment
Into CopyPro Academy Is Now Open…
But We Are Only Taking 25 Copywriters

It’s time to finally reveal what I’ve spent millions of dollars in time and money building for the past several years to the world…

…starting with 25 hand-picked copywriters.

On the next page you’ll see our enrollment form and qualification questionnaire to join me in the Beta version of CopyPro Academy.

CopyPro Academy begins January 9th, 2020, and is a 6-week training camp designed to show you how to take new or existing copy you have…

…put it into “Universal Syndication” mode so just about any business can use it…

…and let us sell it for you.

Over and over again.

Paying you every single time a customer downloads any of your templates.

Just like Shutterstock, only for copy.

During your training, we’ll show you how to use CopyPro’s Contributor Portal to import and create email sequences, ads, articles, sales letters, direct mail pieces, long-form VSLs and webinars, and more.

The more you upload, the more you can sell.

Up To A 90% Discount…And Here’s Why

I hate bullshit when it comes to copy, so I’ll tell it to you straight:

Our backend is about 90% complete. 

I’m one of those pesky perfectionists, so I keep changing things…making them better…tweaking stuff here and there.

But we need to get this MASSIVE copy library populated ASAP…which is why I need you as much as you need me:

We have a tentative partnership deal with Kajabi. We’ve already completed a 30 day trial with their hand-selected customers and blew them away.

We’re in the negotiation phase now, with over 20,000 buyers ready to roll…and that’s just one company.

Our expansion plans are to have over 100,000 paying customers added to the platform of our 2,000 paying CopyPro 1.0 customers (which can turn into YOUR customers) by the end of 2020.

And if you’re accepted…

…and if you’re first into the machine…

…you’re first in the CopyPro search results. 

All of that said:

It’s not perfect.

You’ll help us find what needs improving. We’ll listen to your input. Hell, you’ll be contributing to the very future of copywriting.

Plus we’re not live until Q1 2020 with CopyPro 2.0 (1.0 has been live for a while now.) 

And while I’ve taught our team how to do this, I’ve never taught a CLASS how to do this.

So since you’re helping me figure this out…I’m going to give you 90% off…assuming you qualify on the next page.

I say “90%” — CopyPro Academy plans to sell for $5K once we get this 100% down. That’s for the full package — how to put long copy like 8000 word sales letters, VSLs, and big stuff like that into the machine.

We’ll have a lower dollar version for probably $2500 for just emails, ads, articles, and so-on…

…but that will be almost fully automated, recorded courses. 

Eventually the cost may be down to a grand, but that won’t cover anything like what you’ll be receiving.

For starters, you get me live for 6 weeks.

That also puts you on my speed dial for any copywriting gigs I turn down (which was all but 2 in 2019, because CopyPro is my PRIMARY FOCUS.)

AND you’ll be first inside the machine, making your copy the first to purchase.

So for $500, this is an INSANE opportunity for you.

$500 isn’t going to make me any money. In fact it won’t even cover my team costs. I’ll lose money in the short term…

…but we want BADASS content and A LOT of it. 

So you get a killer deal, and we’re all happy campers…

Click Below To Qualify

Just to be crystal clear: 

I’m looking for SPECIFIC copywriters and some kickin’ talent. All of it is defined on the next page. 

In the future, I may open this up to any copywriter, but for now, this is all we are prepared to do: open the doors to kickass dudes and dudesses. 

You don’t have to be a household name…but you should have the chops and the drive to get there one day. 

If I see we can manage more than 25, great. Just don’t count on it.

That’s It!

That’s my pitch… and it wasn’t meant to be an exercise in copy or persuasion.

If I have to persuade you, you’re not who I want.

I want copywriters who instantly get how fucking massive this is going to be.

Together we are redefining how copy is bought and sold for our entire industry.

That’s not hyperbole. 

That’s A FACT.

I’d love to have you along for the new ride into the New Wild West…

…if you’re qualified to saddle up.

See you on the next page, and thanks for reading.

Jon Benson
CEO, CopyPro.ai
Billion Dollar Copywriter