CopyPro Academy Qualification Survey

Here’s how enrollment will work:

  1. You will complete the qualification survey below.
  2. If you qualify, you’ll be taken to the pre-enrollment page where you can claim your 90% discounted $500 tuition price. You will only be charged $100 today as a deposit. The $100 ensures you will show up for the in-person interview. If you miss your interview call the $100 is forfeited. If we accept you, you will pay the balance of the $400 on the call. If you are not accepted, we will refund your $100 deposit.
  3. After you complete the survey, you will schedule your 15-minute in-person interview with my Vice President of Quality Control, Lee Ann, before the end of 2019 (the sooner the better.) 
  4. If you are accepted on the in-person call, you will pay the $400 and you will then be taken to our CopyPro Academy Copywriter Quiz. You must pass this quiz to get into the Academy. You can take it until you pass, but you must have a passing grade to begin classes on January 9, 2020.
  5. Once you pass the quiz, we will give you the option of taking the Quick Start Enrollment (no charge) so that you can start inputting copy faster. If you take this, we will contact you for a second one-on-one to get you started. If not, we will see you live at 11AM PST on January 9th.
  6. Note: you MUST attend each of the live weekly CopyPro Academy classes unless you have a personal emergency. By missing a class, you forfeit your spot in the class and no refunds will be given. Classes are held every Monday for 6 weeks starting January 9 at 11 am PST and are between 60 – 90 minutes. We are 100% COMMITTED to this project and helping you achieve first-tier slot within the CopyPro system, but we insist that your commitment equal our own. 
  7. After you finish the Qualification Survey, you will be taken to our CopyPro Investors page. There’s a video presentation you should watch. Investing in CopyPro is NOT mandatory by any means, but we want you to see what we’re up to and the potential marketplace you’ll be participating within.
  8. If you have any questions, email


CopyPro Academy Qualification Survey
Select the types of copy you’ve written in the past: *
We’re looking for EXPERTS who know the avatar and buyer psychology in the following industries Only select the fields you could write for TODAY if need-be, knowing the buyer avatar exceptionally well: *
Bear in mind: the more you write and/or upload, the greater your earning potential.
I am ready to pay the remaining $400 *