A marketing evolution

Now there is a faster, less expensive, and far more effective way of getting the words you need for your business the very day you need them.

Email campaigns, sales pages, video scripts, content, and more–all available to you at a click of your mouse, delivered to you within minutes rather than months.

Welcome to CopyPro.

CopyPro is a marketing platform and online ecosystem designed to give you near-instant access to proven sales messaging, content, and direct response B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) copywriting.

Never hire a copywriter again

CopyPro removes the risk of finding a copywriter or content author and prepaying them for their services.

The current model for getting copy or content requires you to invest substantial amounts of money and time, and continue to pay lofty residuals after the work is completed.

Not only does this outdated model of “word shopping” have you hoping the person you contracted will come through on time and under budget, you are often forced to pay for it sight unseen.

CopyPro is entirely different. You get the copy and content you need the very day you need it—and in Dynamic Blueprints proven to influence, persuade, and inspire your customers and prospects.

Our words, your message

Your message is vital to the growth of your business. Communicating that message with the power of words is not only a science—it’s an art.

The writing pros here at CopyPro have discovered that the most successful marketing and content pieces ever created can be broken down into specific patterns and phrases. We call these patterns and phrases blueprints. These Blueprints can mean the difference between a profitable campaign and incurring financial loss, or between engaging a prospect for minutes, even hours at a time, and losing them within seconds.

Professional copywriters spend years learning how to leverage the power of Blueprints, which explains why they help marketers and business owners like you generate over $300B annually.

Dynamic Blueprints™ delivers proven copy in your voice

Now, what if you could take a tested and proven Blueprint—say, for a sales page or an email sequence—and dynamically change it to perfect fit your needs? And what if a “smart machine” did all the hard work for you, even down to rewriting your selection with a click of a button to match your specific voice and unique message?

And what if all it took was a few clicks of your mouse to get it all today?

Introducing our Dynamic Blueprints™— the ultimate combination of our best creative minds with your unique voice and message.

Thanks to our neural net technology, Dynamic Blueprints have become a reality. As of today, you can now access some of the world’s most lucrative and successful sales messages and content, delivered to you pre-written and fully editable within our online software environment from A-list copywriters and authors.

We’ll even show you how to easily and quickly personalize your copy selections so you can add your unique voice and message to the words and Blueprint structures already proven to be the most effective.

You end up with copy and content perfect for whatever business or marketplace you are in, with the marketing Blueprints already proven to generate more sales and engage more readers.

Susan’s story

Susan needed a sales page template to get her started, plus an email sequence to help attract new customers to her offer. She also wanted capture lost sales from potential customers who didn’t buy, and take care her new customers after they bought.

Susan simply searched for the pieces she needed at app.copypro.ai. With a few clicks of her mouse, she was on her way.

Due to the massive savings she experienced from not having to hire a copywriter, Susan was able to select four different email campaigns from the CopyPro library. She then tested each to see which performed better.

Susan was able to get her entire project finished, including customizing each template within the same day—and for less than 1/10th the cost of hiring a copywriter for the project.

Want to be like Susan…and make your life easier?

Sam’s story

Sam needed content to nurture his customers and to engage his blog readers. His company philosophy is centered around captivating an audience and encouraging them to buy over time.

Sam also wanted content that was unique to his website rather than the typical “recycled” content his customers and prospects had already seen. Sam knows that Google loves fresh content, and that it can increase free organic traffic to his website.

At the same time, Sam needed a series of emails to take care of new leads from his opt-in page. After thinking about it, he decided he could also use a series of emails in “PLF”, or “Product Launch Formula” fashion. He just didn’t want to spend the $8,000+ an A-list copywriter would charge to do create it all. He solved it all with one stop here at CopyPro.

Want to be like Sam and engage new prospects and get more leads…and save money doing it?