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Want To Double The Profits Of Your VSL… PLUS Get It In Less Than Half The Time?

Does the thought of finally having a killer cash-cow VSL in your marketing arsenal and pulling in EPIC revenue every single day tickle your greed glands?

Can you picture the feeling of finally putting your marketing woes to rest…and reaching those IDEAL ready-to-buy prospects every single day…virtually on auto-pilot?

How does it sound to have customers that RAVE over your offers so much they spread it around to their friends… creating that super-lucrative word-of-mouth VIRAL IMPACT

…all while you get ready for 2021 with a running start so lightening fast it would make Superman blush with envy?

Does That Jack Your Pulse Rate?

It damn well should.


The fact I’m about to put you into the hands of a VSL pro whose copy has made MILLIONS

…that should excite you.

But the fact that he’ll walk you step by step to your ULTIMATE VSL MONEY-MAKER in both small group and one-on-one coaching?

That should make your heart go pitter-patter with JOY.

I’m talking about giving you a chance to make up to DOUBLE the revenue from your VSL…

…taking you by the hand and walking you through my proprietary Now VSL software and VSL Formula…

helping you customize it to your specific offer and ideal target audience…

connecting you to other like-minded marketers who may even help you promote your offer…


  • NAIL YOUR “HOOK”The first 7 seconds of your VSL are absolutely VITAL to nail down…and a powerful hook is the answer. The best way to get a hook so strong it will reel in a boatload of buyers is to work with a VSL Coach. Don’t let a potential multi-million-dollar VSL turn into a few grand just because your hook is weak!
  • CONNECT TO PROSPECTSThe way you tell a story makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE when it comes to building what we call The Vital Connection. But are you confident you have a compelling story? Why take the risk of losing potential buyers with lackluster storytelling…when you can work with a StorySelling Expert like our VSL coaches to PERFECT and CONNECT!
  • PERFECT YOUR PITCHIf you get everything else right about your VSL and miss the pitch? You lose. Everything. Your pitch must be PERFECTLY TIMED to secure the greatest number of sales. Period, no exceptions – and our VSL coaches can help you master the perfect pitch for your targeted audience!

These are just SOME of the reasons why…

2021 Can Be The Most Profitable Year You’ve Ever Had


Read on to see what I mean…

Look: I’ve been coaching and working with the best of the best for the past 4 years. Guys like Frank Kern, Joe Polish, Kyle Leon (before Venus Factor was a $50M brand and sales site), Joel Marion (BioTrust), Jay Abraham, Ryan Deiss (Digital Marketer), Wes Virgin (before Fat Diminisher was a 10-figure sales machine)…and countless more.

Well, not “countless”… 96 to be precise.

Every one of them will tell you I’ve helped them make a fortune. Without a single exception.

But what most people don’t know is this:

I also coach COACHES.

And my certified Now VSL coaches only come to me AFTER THEY’VE DONE OVER $1M in direct response VSL and sales letter copy.

In other words: THE BEST OF THE BEST.

And i want to give you PRIVATE ACCESS to just such a coach…and my personal private group coaching as well.

I want to welcome you to…

Jon Benson’s “VSL Profit Mastery”

Confidential Private Coaching Program

IF YOU QUALIFY BELOW, you’ll be one of the 20 I select for the most intensive VSL “Bootcamp” ever:
You’ll receive EIGHT (8) small-group LIVE coaching classes, each limited to 20 people or less, designed to walk you BY THE HAND through the entire 5-Step VSL Process.

You’ll experience live hot-seating so our coach can give you LIVE feedback right there on the spot, leaving no questions unanswered.

And you’ll even get a one-on-one VSL review when you finish from a multi-million dollar VSL copywriter.


I’ll be your coach LIVE for the last session, a 2-hour super deep-dive and Q&A session to ENSURE your VSL is primed to virtually print money – and giving you a $5,000 VALUE as an added bonus.

NOTHING can get you a high-converting, sales-making VSL FASTER than the four weeks you’ll spend with us and the one-on-one coaching you’ll get after…


This Is Expensive And Only For The Elite Few

My coaching has been $5,000 an hour for the past 4 years. Everyone you see below (and many more) will tell you it’s the best 5K they spent. Peter (seen to the left) had a six-figure day after our first session and recouped his investment in hours. My VSL Coaches charge $2,500/hour, and they CRUSH IT with results as well. We have stories like this for days…

Now rest easy: I’m not asking you for $5k/hour. After all, I’m delivering well over 12 hours of coaching to you.

Still, even with the MASSIVE reduction in rate I’m offering to 20 lucky people today?

Even then… this is not for everyone:

It’s First Come First Serve…And Here’s How To Apply

No payment will be taken online today. Serious inquiries only.

Here’s what you need to do:

First, fill out the application form below ONLY IF you are 100% serious about claiming one of the 20 available slots for VSL Profit Mastery. 

Once I hit my goal of 20, it’s done.

Do not fill out this application unless you qualify for the investment.

After you submit your form, we’ll review your application. If we think you’re a good fit for the coaching program, we will contact you by phone or Skype for a short chat. If approved, you’ll be asked for the investment in full on the phone.  

“I’ve hired a lot of writers and coaches. Jon’s ideas are the only ones I took as-is…and they turned into a 7-figure win.”
—Frank Kern

Marketing Legend,

“We coached with Jon’s and his coaches for two hours; $10K made us $1.2M in additional revenue just from his tweaks to the first minute of our VSL and back-end ideas. Worth every penny!”

—Dan Rose

CEO, Founder,

“I reached out to Jon Benson because a big marketing campaign we had was dying. ROI was getting worse and worse by the day. We were about to be negative. First call i made with Jon, we spent 45 minutes going over my video script. Jon had a dozen amazing ideas to make it way more powerful. I made the changes and now the campaign is working like gangbusters again. Made my coaching investment back literally the next day. Needless to say, I plan on being a coaching student until the guy is sick of me and has to shove me out the door.”
—Peter Kerr

CEO, Founder, eGear Media

“I’ve worked with Jon for many years as a copywriter and recently as a copy coach for a few new products. Spent $15K and made it back within a few days of testing Jon’s ideas. We’ve hired him numerous times for our BioTrust VSLs and his ideas beat the controls virtually every time. The man is a beast.”

—Joel Marion

CEO, Founder,

“Jon is a freakin’ badass. The man has given me more ideas and made me more money than I can count. When it comes to conversions, copy that sells, marketing, strategy…3, 4, 5X the results.”
—Joe Polish

CEO, Founder,

“Before Venus Factor hit it big and became the #1 weight loss info product, I consulted with Jon’s VSL coach on the VSL script. I hired him for an hour at $5,000 and I can’t even begin to figure out the ROI on that. His eye for positioning and hooks is unrivaled.”

—Kyle Leon


“Jon comes up with more cool ideas than just about anyone I know. What’s more, his ideas flat-out WORK. If I had to guess, his strategies alone has help make us millions. And he’s lightening fast at coming up with positioning that anchors your product in the consumer’s mind. Spend the money…he’s well worth it!”
—Ryan Deiss

CEO, Founder,

“I contracted Jon to work with me for an opt-in page that ended up almost doubling my conversions. His ideas and the way he thinks is just otherworldly. He’s one of the best investments you can make.”
—Dean Graziosi

CEO, Founder,

“Jon Benson’s one of the few folks who id recommend anyone stuck in the six figures with ambitions for seven.”
—Sean Vosler

CEO, Increase.Academy

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This is one of those “I was just saying to myself, I really need some help!” moments…

… and if that’s YOU, then this is a must-do.

If it’s not, no hard feelings. However, this is a one-time opportunity only.

See if you qualify below. Once you complete the form and qualify, you’ll see the Submit button to schedule your private call. Let’s go…

VSL Profit Mastery

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